The Nonprofit Center of the Berkshires is offering a suite of services aimed at new and emerging nonprofits. There are approximately one dozen steps to forming a nonprofit organization including creating a mission statement and bylaws, forming a board, and incorporating. The NPC has been helping people navigate the process since 2016.

Among the requirements to become a nonprofit is a lengthy IRS application for recognition as a tax-exempt organization. This “501c3 designation” is required by most funders in order for nonprofits to receive grants. The NPC assists nonprofits with IRSs form and several others required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Those waiting for official designation from the IRS, which can take anywhere from 2 to 12 months, are at a disadvantage in fundraising. The NPC is now offering fiscal sponsorship to organizations without 501c3 designation, acting as a pass-through for grants and donations.

“We’re in a perfect position to offer fiscal sponsorship because we already provide supporting services like coaching and connections to resources that would enhance the viability of any new nonprofit,” said Liana Toscanini, NPC’s Executive Director. “We’ve also got a great team of consultants and volunteers in almost every area of nonprofit governance.”

One of the benefits of fiscal sponsorship is that volunteer groups can test out their nonprofit mission, program structure, and revenue assumptions before forming a corporate structure of their own. “Not every charitable idea needs a nonprofit structure,” says Toscanini. “In fact, we have talked at least a dozen people out of starting a nonprofit.”

Fiscal sponsorship fees range from 7% to 10% of revenue depending on the type of organization. For more information, email or call (413) 441-9542.

Article Image: Liana Toscanini

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