This is a topic we've been hearing about lately in the local media as the town of Stockbridge held a planning board meeting last week in the town offices' gymnasium. In attendance were 150 people. The topic of the evening was the proposed change to the town's zoning bylaws to allow for a massive redevelopment of the former DeSisto School Property on Route 183. As noted in last week's article, the proposed change was not supported by the town's planning board as they recommended that residents reject the rezoning at the annual May town meeting.

On one hand, special permits and zoning changes would be required to proceed with the process. Plus, some residents whose property would abut the project aren't in favor of the proposal according to last week's Berkshire Edge article. On the other hand, developer, Patrick Sheehan estimates that 37 Interlaken, as he calls it, will provide annual revenues to the town of more than $2.4 million from real estate, personal property, hotel and meals taxes, as well as from water and sewer fees. He also says it will create hundreds of jobs, some seasonal and some year-round.

The bylaw will be voted on at the annual town meeting Monday, May 21.

Before you cast your vote, you can read the full article here

So what do you think? Should the proposed development project move forward or keep the DeSisto property as is? Cast your vote now and we'll talk about the results on the air Friday morning. The below poll closes at 6 AM this Friday.


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