As you may have heard by now, spirit medium, Pam Ellis, also known as the Berkshire Medium, will be making an appearance at Crissey Farm located at the Barrington Brewery this Saturday evening as she will be giving attendees the opportunity to celebrate loved ones memories by hearing messages from those who have passed. Get ticket information by going here. As a warm up to the Saturday event, Pam will be joining us on “Let’s Talk” this Friday morning at 9:05. Pam will give a background of what she does, how she does it, a preview of Saturday’s event and she’ll be giving you a chance to connect with your loved ones who have passed by calling in Friday morning at 413-528-0860. So join us for a very special edition of “Let’s Talk” with the Berkshire Medium, Pam Ellis this Friday morning at 9:05 on WSBS!

Pam has helped hundreds of people connect with loved ones whom have passed. She has performed readings for people across the country and around the world. Readings are available in person if you are in Berkshire County and available online if you do not live in the area. She embraced her gift as an adult, and has been sharing her talent ever since.

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