1) Gary from Alford got us started as he has a 10 inch Craftsman table saw available for $100 or he will take best offer. If interested, call him at (413) 528-4150.

2) John checked in from South Egremont with an assortment of items including an underground pet fence for $50 or he will take best offer, various Christmas ornaments priced at only $20 for the whole set and a 6 room bird hotel also for $20. For more details, call (413) 528-4568.

3) Paul is looking for seasonal firewood, preferably of the 16 inch small variety. If you can assist him in his quest, phone (413) 274-3743.

4) Robert has an assortment of furniture related items available in "lovely Lee" included: a double sized headboard with built-in shelves priced at $20, a oak desk and swivel chair, take both for only $100 and a cast-iron pedestal based table for the sale price of $15. To inquire further, call (413) 427-7351.

5) Mary has a queen size comforter and 2 matching 18 inch throw pillows. She will take best offer for the entire package. For more information, call (413) 528-0263.

6) Chris has a set of 4 Firestone winter snow tires (model # 215-60-R-16) with rims all for $395 or best offer. To arrange a pick-up in New Marlborough, phone (413) 446-5035.

7) Mary in Stockbridge also has 4 winter radial tires (model # 235-60-R-17-102-T) firmly priced at $450. For more details, call or text her at (413) 822-9180.

8) Kathy in New Marlborough also checked in with a trio of items including a set of 4 18 inch Michelin truck tires (model # 275-65-R-18) for the incredible low price of only $25, a Bow Flex TC-20 trend climber for $1,000 or she will take best offer within reason plus a back window guard for a pick-up truck for the firm price of $70. For more details, call her at (413) 229-3057.

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