1) Ed is STILL looking for more vintage Coleman lanterns and stoves....if you can help him out in his quest, call 413-446-7293.

2) Sherry is looking for a small 2.5 to 7 horse power boat motor....If you can assist her in this search, please call 413-329-3022.

3) Don STILL has a CD player for sale, only $20....If interested, call him at 413-854-8961.

4) Mike has a FREE 8 foot pool table complete with accessories to enhance your "Man Cave"...Come on out to Housatonic and arrange a pick-up by phoning 413-274-0196.

5) Mary has a pair of sound activated jack-o-lanterns, one large and one medium just in time for Halloween....She'll take best offer for both items....Call 413-528-0263.

6) Bob has an 8 inch insulated stove pipe....2 36 inch pieces, one piece at 24 inches and one piece for 12 inches all for a firm price of $100....if you need more information, call (413_ 528-0879.

7) Florence has an assortment of Christmas items for sale including 6 artificial trees, 60 strands of lights and a 32 gallon container of assorted decorations....She also has assorted photo albums and ski posters from the 1970's also available for best offer..Call her at (413) 528-4887 so you can get a head start on your holiday needs.

8) Rob has a fully loaded tackle box available for $200 or he'll take best offer....To inquire, call (413) 822-8198.

9) Tim in Alford has a queen size bedroom set sale priced for $400 or he'll take best offer....For more information on this super deal, give him a call at (413) 854-7919

10) Nancy in Sheffield has a deal for you....A bamboo glass top coffee table for only $10....If interested, call her at (413) 854-1286.



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