Sheffield Kiwanis is at it again. They're doing what they do best which is serving the community. They recently completed their 21st annual scholarship/truck raffle with all money raised going into a scholarship fund to benefit local youth. Kiwanis serves children from seven towns including Alford, Egremont, Great Barrington, Monterey, Mount Washington, New Marlborough and Sheffield.

Speaking of Scholarships, just a reminder that the club's annual scholarship application is now available for seniors graduating from Monument Mountain and Mount Everett high schools. In addition, college students who graduated from those schools are eligible to apply even if they did not apply in high school, provided they meet all other requirements. You can read more about the scholarship process and what it entails by going here.

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So how can you win some cash from Kiwanis? Well, their cash calendars have returned and you can purchase them right now. There will be a winner every day during the month of May and (here's the best part) each calendar holder is eligible to win every day. There are different prize amounts including $50, $100, $150, even $500 on special days/holidays like Mother's Day and Memorial Day. Drawings are held each Tuesday in May and the winners will be announced on (you've got it) WSBS.

Just like tickets for the scholarship raffle, only 1,000 cash calendars will be sold. Each calendar costs $10 and as I mentioned above you can get your tickets right now. Purchase your tickets at your fingertips by going to Sheffield Kiwanis' website. Even if you don't win, you're money is going to a great cause by supporting our local youth.

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